Monday, September 7, 2009

Crowes Pasture

I parked at the entrance to Crowes Pasture, next to Quivett Cemetery in East Dennis.  Crowes is conservation land, accessible by 4 wheel drive. I have friends who drive out there and hang out at the beach, but since I do not own a 4 wheel drive vehicle, I've never been out there.  I was in the mood for a nature walk so I decided to park at the entrance and walk in. It's a little over a mile one way, along a dirt road, culminating in dunes, wildflower fields, and tidal flats.  I've lived in Dennis most of my life, and had never explored this area, so it was high time I took the walk to see what I'd been missing.
Not long into my walk, I came upon a path on my left.  It looked interesting so, being naturally curious, I decided to follow it and find out where it would take me.  It was a beautiful path, really, with arches of branches and vines, changing from wide to very narrow and back again.  I felt as if I was in a fairy tale, and some imaginary storybook characters would show up along the path and ask me unanswerable questions.  I was enjoying following this path, letting my imagination run wild, when I found myself at the end, looking at a paved road in what appeared to be a residential neighborhood.  Disappointed, I turned back and followed the path back to where I had found it.
Back on the dirt road, I continued on toward Crowes Pasture, dodging the occasional jeep or SUV.  When I finally got to the end of the dirt road, I took a left and hiked up a narrow path that appeared to go through dunes. I wanted to see if I would be rewarded with a spectacular view of the bay, and I was not disappointed.  The path led through some dunes to the beach, where a couple of families were relaxing on the sand.  
I turned back and went back through the dunes to the small parking area, and continued to the right, where there was another path. This path followed alongside the road that the 4 wheel drivers took to get out to the beach and tidal flats, and it looked like quite a long walk to get out there. I saw an abundance of vehicles with people enjoying the last weekend of summer.  It made me wish I had a jeep so I could be out there among them with my family, playing in the tidal pools or flying a kite.

As I turned to head back, on my left was a large field of wildflowers.  I thought I saw a narrow footpath, but it didn't look like it had been used in a while, as it was overtaken with vegitation.  There was a bench in the middle of the field, and I imagined people sitting and painting the landscape, or enjoying a picnic lunch.  Again, it did not look like anyone had sat there for some time, evidenced by the wildflowers growing up through the slats of the bench seat

 I sat on the bench and looked out at the landscape, not wanting to leave without putting this lovely perch to good use. What a perfect spot to sit and contemplate life, or to capture the beauty of nature on film or canvas. If I had been blessed with the talent to paint , this is a spot I would choose to sit and create my art, a place that is a living natural work of art.

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