Friday, September 4, 2009


Maybe it's the change of seasons...fall is coming...I'm feeling restless. The kids will be back in school next week, I'll still have my full time job, and we'll all fall back into the familiar routine. Routine. Maybe that's what is bothering me. Maybe I don't want to fall back into the routine.
Lately I've been feeling like I want something more. I don't know what that is yet, but I feel very restless and unfulfilled. There is something I want to do, something different, something exciting or meaningful. I just haven't quite figured out what that something is yet.
Sometimes I think I might like to try being a writer. When I was 9 or 10 years old, if someone asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up, I would have told them, "I'm going to be a writer". I had a small plastic typewriter on which I typed short stories. I eventually graduated to a real typewriter, albeit old and manual. I remember having to almost pound on the keys to get the letters to show up on the paper. Then came my older brother's electric typewriter, which I thought was so very cool. I used to write quite a lot, now that I think about it. I'm not sure what changed over the years. Maybe it was the guitar I got, and the guitar lessons and voice lessons. Once I discovered that I had musical talent, the writing changed from stories and news articles to songs.
Lately I've been drifting back to wanting to write. The difference now is, it's been so long since I've done any serious writing that I don't know if I'm any good at it anymore. Thus, this blog. I guess it's a good way to ease back into writing. Maybe I should try my hand at a couple of short magazine articles. Part of the problem is I have no idea what I would write about.
So...if anyone has any suggestions for me, I'll happily listen. Any ideas for topics, locations, characters, fiction or non-fiction...anything at all, will be accepted gladly.
Who knows, maybe I was on to something long ago, as a 10 year old girl. Maybe I knew then what I wanted to be when I grew up, but I got sidetracked and forgot about it. I'm just now remembering and picking up where I left off.

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